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Freedom Seeker University is the only business-building community for driven network marketers who want to build a huge team online without online without confusion and overwhelm.

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Are you excited to grow your business online? Let Us Help You With That!

We’ll be the first to admit… building your business online can be tough.

And it doesn’t help that often, you feel like you’re going it alone.

With so many “guru” strategies out there, and a new Facebook ad with the latest and greatest “secret” formula popping up in your newsfeed every day… you might be wondering,

“How do I cut through all the confusion and overwhelm and find the simple strategies to help me build my business online that actually work?”

Welcome to Freedom University. 

We've Been Exactly Where You Are.

It was frustrating, and even a little embarassing.

We’d done EVERYTHING our upline told us to do, to no avail. It just wasn’t working.

That’s when we found a mentor. Someone who’d built a multiple-6-figure business and was willing to show us the simple steps they followed to get there.

We were skeptical, but we knew we had a decision to make: Either we could continue to try to build our business using the broken strategies from every “guru” we found out there… or we could put on our blinders and follow the step-by-step system our mentor laid out for us.

Fast forward a bit, there we were… on stage at our company convention, accepting the award for the fastest growing team in our company… for the fifth year in a row!

We took everything we learned and put it together on an exclusive online training platform available only to the members of our personal team.

For years, that’s the only way you could get access to it! But then we started thinking… How many other network marketers could we help who are struggling to cut through the confusion and overwhelm and build their business online, just like we were?

And that’s how Freedom Seeker University was born.

Now, for the first time ever, we’ve taken our award-winning team training platform, stuck a white label on it and made it available for anyone around the globe to use to build a huge team online without confusion and overwhelm.

If that sounds cool to you, then you’re in the right place!

Why Become a Freedom Seeker?

"Kathy and Jordan are an amazing team. I’ve had the pleasure to work with them… they are always in the trenches, leading by example, providing the tools and the resources their organization needs. They are great leaders, great friends, and have helped a lot of people make a difference in their business."
- John Melton

"These ladies are absolutely incredible at building inside of network marketing and being on top of some of the most cutting edge strategies when it comes to prospecting, and making sales and sign ups on social media.
If you ever get a chance to plug into anything these ladies do, you will not be disappointed."
- Tanya Aliza

"I highly recommend working with the Freedom Boss Babes. Not only are they a fun dynamic duo but they will definitely help you make what you desire into a reality.  Jordan and Kathy know have years of successful experience in Network Marketing, as well as, building their own training company. I would 100% jump into whatever their doing!" 
- Julie Burke

"Every time I work with or around the Boss Babes I become more impressed with how talented they are. Not only are they amazing marketers but they’ve got huge hearts. If you’re looking to grow your business online with simple and effective strategies taught in a way that’s easy to implement and produces fast results, I couldn’t recommend them enough."
- Justice Eagan

A Community of People Cheering For You To Succeed.

Freedom Seeker University is a community of driven home business owners with one common goal: to create a lifestyle of FREEDOM through their network marketing business!

Working from home can be a lonely road, but not anymore. As a member of Freedom University you’ll have access to our exclusive Freedom U Community where you can network, collaborate, encourage and inspire while surrounding yourself with others who are traveling the same path.

If you’ve ever wondered, “Am I the ONLY person on planet earth who’s this fired up about building my business?” Never fear… you have found your tribe!

Never Feel Alone Again.

Freedom Seeker University isn’t just another “one-size-fits-all” training course. It’s a personalized coaching program where you’ll get custom advice from 6-figure earners with a proven track record.

With our exclusive Freedom U Community and our Weekly Office Hours where you can literally ask us anything, you can rest easy knowing you’ve come to the right place to get your burning business-building questions answered.

We are SO excited to get to know you, help you discover your BIGGEST business dreams, and (best of all) help you create a simple plan of action to reach all your goals!

What Are You Waiting For?

We've got the formula... all you have to do is follow our lead.

Is Freedom Seeker University for You?

"Best decision I've made for my business was start working with these ladies... They bring so much value to what they offer.. really, I'm very thankful I found them!!"
- Christi Nicolet

"Jordan and Kathy are some of the best trainers on network marketing, how it works, and why. Freedom U has an unbelievable amount of training, videos, downloads, and value. It's so perfectly laid out and organized. I'm blown away every time I go through it."
- Kari Baxter

Freedom Seeker University is a proven training platform for network marketers who want to recruit new team members every week online and build a thriving team that duplicates!

What You Get:

Wow! What an Amazing Promotion, Right?

But... Space Is Limited... When the Program Fills Up This Special Pricing and All the Incredible Bonuses Will Be Going Away.

Kathy Schneider and Jordan Maylea are a mother-daughter team with a combined experience of over 32 years in the network marketing industry. They are top recruiters who have built teams that exceed over $1,000,000 in sales volume, while being known for creating a dynamic team culture and a duplicatable business that lasts by teaching simple online strategies that work! 


"Everything we teach is proven to work. We can say this with confidence because everything you see inside Freedom University is the exact same strategies we've used in our personal team for years. We'll never teach you anything we haven't tried and tested ourselves. We pride ourselves on teaching you only what's working now, and what's working BEST for us and our team."

Can't wait to see you inside! 

Kathy and Jordan

Our Personal Guarantee

30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee 

We're so confident that you will LOVE Freedom Seeker University that if AFTER you go through the Entire Program & Implement the Steps, you don't feel you got the value you paid for, please email us within 30 days of your purchase and we will gladly refund 100% of your money.

We Could Tell You More About All The AMAZING Things You'll Do As A Freedom Seeker... But Let's Get You Inside So You Can Find Out For Yourself!

"Thank you for helping me have hope again that I can do this. I was very discouraged and now have the tools to move forward confidently!"
- Angi Miko

"I am learning so much! I went from not really knowing what to do from day to day in my business to taking every available minute to work on everything I'm learning!"
- Sheree Bagensie

"WOW this month's Freedom U masterclass was PERFECT!! It was everything I needed to move forward and feel confident! Thank you so much Jordan and Kathy for taking the time to teach us and all of our downloads!" 
- Christina Tammy

"Thank you sooo much Kathy and Jordan for your guidance, time, support, and for helping me find that inner ninja who's been in hiding, sad and depressed,
for too long now!"
- Sharon Licht

Space Is Limited!!
Act Quickly, Because When The Program Fills Up This Promotion Will Go Away!


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