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The Laptop Lifestyle Academy is the only A-Z Blueprint proven to help ambitious entrepreneurs start, grow and automate your online business so you can create revenue on autopilot while living the lifestyle of your dreams.

"Every month this year my sales have been double or triple what they were last year. Kathy & Jordan helped me get clear on my niche and how to attract the right people, I now have a constantly growing email list with a clear strategy of what to send them each week, and I've even created & sold my own courses.""

Mel Wilhelm
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it's time to come behind the scenes...

What if we told you it was possible to create consistent, repeatable revenue on autopilot... even if you're starting from scratch? Come see how we went from social media nobodies to hitting $300K in sales in just 10 months, working just a few hours a week from our laptops.

if you're
tired of...

  • Showing up, "giving value", but not knowing how to connect the dots between your brand & actually making money in your business.
  • Spending your days buried in busy work, overanalyzing every little detail, and stuck in overwhelm with no end in sight.
  • Being told that launches, zoom calls and spending hours a week in messenger + DMs is the only way to grow an online business.
  • Piecing together all the random (and often conflicting) strategies you find online, trying to make them fit together into some kind of real business strategy.
  • Feeling like the money in the bank account simply isn't adding up to the amount of effort you're putting in.

We Invite You to Say 'Hello' the Laptop Lifestyle Academy

Inside the Laptop Lifestyle Academy we share our 5-Phase Freedom Focused Profit System: Designed to Help You Attract, Capture & Convert Your Ideal Clients, Customers and Teammates So You Can Create Consistent, Repeatable Revenue Online Without Complicated Launches, Time-Sucking One on One Services or Sending Cold Messages to Strangers on the Internet.

program benefits

come see what
it's like to...

program benefits
  • Wake up daily to an Inbox full of leads and sales that came in while you were sleeping.
  • Unplug on vacation and come home to find you sold enough products to cover the cost of your trip (and then some!)
  • Send out a single email and welcome 10 new people to your business or program... overnight!
  • Have a constantly growing, engaged audience of raving fans who are eager to buy anything you sell or recommend.
  • Work just a few focused hours a week, because you have a system in place that works when you don't.
  • Turn your business into a machine. that works for you 24/7, so you can spend more time doing the things you love, in. the places you love, with the people you love!

a note
kathy & jordan

Call us crazy... but we believe as an entrepreneur you get to design the lifestyle you want FIRST, then build a business that makes it a reality.

For us that means making time to do more of the things we love, with the people we love, in the places we love... 

While building a business that works, even when you don't. 

Within 10 months of starting our business we went from social media nobodies to generating over $300K in sales, and today we run a seven-figure global business working just a few hours a week on our laptops.

We did all of this without complicated online launches, time-sucking zoom calls, or burning out with one-on-one programs. 

Instead, we used systems, automation & leverage to create a business model that generates leads, sales and signups 24/7... using our trademarked Freedom Focused Profit System.

We're excited to share our blueprint with you inside our Laptop Lifestyle Academy, so you can create the kind of freedom, income and impact you've been dreaming of in your business.

See you inside,


create your
freedom focused profit system:

Phase 1

Phase One: Attract

Nail down your niche and get crystal clear on who you help and how you help them, so you can attract your ideal clients & customers straight to you. 

We'll help you trade posting and praying for a 'less is more' social media strategy that drives more leads, sales and signups for your business.

Phase 2

Phase Two: Capture

Capture the attention of your ideal clients and customers, and bring them into your ecosystem. 

We'll help you create a powerful freebie funnel and show you how to design and deliver it with ease.

Phase 3

Phase Three: Nurture

Create a rinse & repeat, rejection-free marketing strategy.

We'll help you ditch the random activities for a proven marketing plan that works for you 24/7 with email & social media strategies that consistently convert more of your followers & subscribers into leads, sales or signups.

Phase 4

Phase Four: Convert

Turn new subscribers into raving customers... in minutes.

We'll help you create, design and deliver your first micro offer while connecting it to your other phases seamlessly so it works for you 24/7 to deliver you sales on autopilot.

Phase 5

Phase Five: Upgrade

Funnel your engaged audience of raving fans into any offer, any time. 

We'll help you put the pieces in place to consistently sell any product, service or program (and even grow your team) using the same automation strategies and systems we use to power our 7-figure personal brand.

Bonus Phase

Bonus Phase: Rinse + Repeat

Keep your system running and working for you with a simple method of operation you can do in just a few hours a week, from anywhere.

We'll show you which actions to take each week to ensure your business is consistently attracting, capturing and converting your ideal customers, clients or teammates.

what others are saying

"Kathy & Jordan are two the most real, generous, authentic trainers I've seen online. And I've seen a lot!
They always over deliver. I love the dynamics between the two of them... it's such a great balance!"

Sandy Sinden

the academy is
perfect for you if...

You have a product, service or business that you're crazy about... and are ready to make consistent revenue on autopilot, even if you don't have a huge audience yet.

You want get more sales without selling, by tapping in to a rejection-free "attract, capture & convert" profit system, so you can you enjoy your business again.

You want to build real connections and show up authentically online without having to 'hunt' for the next sale or signup... feeling confident that your systems are selling for you behind the scenes. 

You're sick of drawn out, complicated launches and trading time for dollars by filling your calendar with zoom meetings and discovery calls.

You're tired of being buried in busy work, and paralyzed by self-doubt, comparison-itis and perfectionism while trying to figure out this 'online business' thing all by yourself.

You're done being stuck in overwhelm & trying to piece together all the random, broken strategies you've learned online... you're ready to plug in to a proven system that give you the whole picture & show you exactly what to do! 

What Industry Leaders Are Saying

"These ladies are absolutely incredible at being on top of some of the most cutting edge strategies when it comes to prospecting, and making sales and sign ups on social media. If you ever get a chance to plug into anything these ladies do, you will not be disappointed."

Tanya Aliza 7-Figure Marketing Coach
program benefits

what you

program benefits
  • The Complete Laptop Lifestyle Academy Program with 7 Core Training Modules - $2,997 Value 
  • BONUS: 6 Months of Unlimited Support Inside Our Laptop Lifestyle Community ($997 Value)
  • BONUS: Done-For-You Canva Marketing Kit So You Can Create + Customize All of Your Brand Assets in Minutes ($297 Value)
  • BONUS: Our Weekly Email Nurturing Templates ($297 Value)
  • BONUS: How to Create Facebook & Instagram Stories That Sell ($197 Value)
  • BONUS: Our Rinse + Repeat Content Creation and Organization Strategy ($197 Value)
  • BONUS: 6 Months of WEEKLY Live Q&As With Kathy and Jordan ($997 Value)

When you add it. all up, that's a total real-world value of $5,979

But you can join Laptop Lifestyle Academy
for a limited time for just...

Get Our Complete Behind the Scenes Business Workflow:
$297 Value FREE When You Pay in Full With Either Package.


When does the program start?

Laptop Lifestyle Academy is a self paced program you can start IMMEDIATELY as soon as you enroll! You'll get access to a new phase each week for 6 weeks in a row, then maintain lifetime access to all the training and future updates.

How long do I have access to the program?

You get lifetime access to all 6 Phases inside the program, lifetime access to all the bonus trainings, and 6-month access to the group coaching and support inside the LLA Community.

Will this work for coaches and course creators?

Yes! Laptop Lifestyle Academy was created specifically with coaches and course creators in mind, to help you start monetizing your personal brand and create consistent revenue without launches or one-on-one services

Will this work for network marketers?

We used the strategies inside Laptop Lifestyle Academy to attract our ideal customers and team members to us on social media. We currently hold one of the top ranks in our company, and our team does over 7 figures a year in sales thanks to the strategies we teach in LLA.

Is this for beginners? I'm a total personal branding newbie!

OMG, yes!! When we started our personal brand we had no audience, no influence and no clue where to start! Thanks to strategies we teach inside the program, we grew our personal brand from scratch to hit $300K in sales in just 10 months.

I really want to do this, but I have a lot on my place right now.

We hear ya! LLA is a complete A-Z system for creating consistent revenue on autopilot with your personal brand that will compliment any additional strategies you're working on in your business and actually help them work BETTER!

I don't want to coach or sell courses. Will this work for me?

LLA provides foundational personal branding and monetization strategies for ANYONE looking to promote their products & services online. If you want to grow your audience and your business, you're in the right place!

What's the return policy?

Here's the thing: We're fully committed to LLA being the only program you need to start, grow and automate your online business. If you are committed to taking action, being coachable, and implementing what you learn, we are committed to helping you get results! If you complete the entire program, do the work, and show us it did NOT work for you, please reach out to us within 60 days to get a 100% refund.

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